Final Girls Buttons/ Button 4-Pack

$4.00 - $12.50
Final Girls Buttons/ Button 4-Pack

Final Girl buttons! Available individually or in a premade 4-pack.

The pack includes:
🖤 Ellen Ripley from Alien
💚 Dani from Midsommar
❤️ Sidney Prescott from Scream
💙 Laurie Strode from Halloween

All final girls in the pack are also available as individual buttons as well.

Separate from pack:
💜 Barbara from Night of the Living Dead
💛 Gale Weathers from Scream
❤️‍🔥 Grace from Ready or Not

• 1.46 inch/ 37 mm in size
• Pin backing
• All pins are designed and hand-pressed by me
• Image placement varies as they are all handmade.